Private Counselling

My counselling practice is based in Kilmeena, Westport, Co Mayo. I have many years experience working with clients who are dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, bereavement, self-esteem, personal growth, loss of meaning.


Every client is different, and everyone’s experience of counselling is different. I rarely give advice however I do introduce clients to various relaxation techniques and awareness building exercises. I try to understand what’s going on for each client, and what it is that they are working towards. I then facilitate this process on the understanding that clients have the capacity within themselves to heal and grow and change.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a form of talking therapy that offers people a chance to explore and express how they feel and think, and to live more fulfilling lives. This is done in a safe and confidential environment. A counsellor respects the client’s viewpoint, while helping to deal with specific problems, cope with crises, improve relationships or develop better ways of living. Counsellors do not usually offer advice. Instead they help the client to gain insight into feelings, thoughts, and behaviour in order to help make better life choices.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a unique state of deep relaxation. It is used as a therapy because in this state of deep relaxation, the subconscious mind is very receptive to new ideas and new learning. It can allow an old, negative ideas be replaced with new, positive ones. This can greatly help the process of counselling where clients are looking to improve how they feel, think and behave.

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Each session lasts about an hour and costs €60.

Fiona Hoban (MA) Corporate Wellbeing & Private Counselling. Telephone: 087 2337109